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Sending my plays to more than 7.6K subs
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Taco play

FurnacePicks Published 4 months, 2 weeks ago

I’d probably pair taco with more model plays, make sure to get a few safe ones in to secure green as long as taco cashes.


More in discord!!

FurnacePicks Published 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Make sure you are in discord and use the site to take advantage of everything in here.


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About me

Long time twitter capper @Furnacepicks
- 40K+ On Twitter. https://twitter.com/Furnacepicks
- 15.65% All-Time Profit Tracked On Pikkit
- Personal Website with Models - www.FurnacePicks.com
- Full Prizepicks Models and Projections, Best Value, Hit Rates Etc.
- Full Fanduel Alt Line Model
- Full Fliff Model
- Over 15 Cappers in Exclusive Discord
- $1 a day for High End Tools and Models
- Very hands on in discord, streams, tutorials etc
- EV / Sharp Line Models for PrizePicks + Fanduel + Draftkings

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My performance

  • 15.65% All-Time Profit Tracked On Pikkit
  • 12.23% This Month Tracked on Pikkit
  • Multiple days over 10K net winnings
  • Swept 30x slips posted on twitter several times.
  • Other Cappers and a great Discord community with over 2,000 members.

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