Refund Policy

If you have any questions whatsoever about payment, please email us at or message us on Twitter at @DubClub_win and we will respond promptly. The DubClub refund policy is outlined below.

  • There will be no refunds for incorrect purchases since subscribers will have access to the Capper's plays after they purchase. We respect Cappers' intellectual property and strive to not mistakenly share any of their paywalled content.
  • Visit your Subscription Settings to manage notifications and renewal activity for all of your subscriptions in one place. If you do not want to stay subscribed to a particular product, please cancel your subscription. Otherwise, you will be charged at time of renewal and not eligible for a refund since our platform aims to protect paywalled Capper content. You can re-subscribe to a Capper's product at any point by reactivating your subscription or by paying your invoice.
    • Cappers can offer multiple packages (prices) for the same product. Subscribers can not have two active packages for one capper product. If you want to access a different package from the same Capper product, please contact DubClub via email at or via Twitter DM at @DubClub_win and you will receive a prompt response.
  • DubClub does not issue refunds on behalf of Cappers for reportedly delayed or undelivered messages. In some instances, carriers may mistakenly filter text messages from certain numbers.
  • A Subscriber is subject to immediate termination of their subscription without refund, if one of the following events occur:
    • Threats from the Subscriber to a Capper.
    • The Subscriber shares paywalled Capper content with non-paying customers.