The DubClub Story
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Many summers ago, the DubClub founding team played football and baseball together at Stanford. Not long after graduating, we then also lived together and - naturally - watched and wagered on sports together. We triumphed together and lost together. Through it all, we did our best to utilize the knowledge and advice shared by countless professional sports analysts ("handicappers") across various sites. But due to the necessity for real-time information with the many changing variables in sports, we weren't able to reload web pages quickly enough to catch crucial last-minute information before games started. Out of our own frustration, DubClub was born. We are building the DubClub platform to power seamless, real-time interactions between handicappers and their sports fans. In doing so, we are empowering sports fans to win more together.

The DubClub platform
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*Dub*, verb. Slang for the word "Win".
*Club*, noun. An association of people with common interests.
"DubClub", product. The platform where sports handicappers and their subscribers win together.

DubClub is the platform for handicappers ("Cappers") to easily set up a messaging system that sends real-time plays and write-ups to their subscribers over text message, email, or other preferred channels. By subscribing to a Capper that is using DubClub, members receive plays right when they are published and can interact directly with the Capper. DubClub cuts out the noise and empowers Cappers to provide real-time sports content for their subscribers... DubClub is the hub for simplified sports handicapping.

Our mission at DubClub is to enable sports handicappers and their subscribers to win together.
— Ryan G
Co-Founder & CEO, DubClub