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May record (for NBA, NHL, Tennis, MLB, UFC, and Soccer): 238-80

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Hello and welcome to TDC betting. This overview will cover everything in The TDC gang.

Sports plays:
You’ll receive a text, Telegram message, or email right when my plays are published. All previous and future plays will be posted in the Discord daily as well. We IMPLY that you only use 10% of your capital, as we all know TEAMS WILL SELL. To keep us from blowing all of our capital on a bad day we really stress bankroll management!!!

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Financial literacy channels
We also provide a financial literacy service which allows the chat to see current stocks, options, and crypto plays we are invested in and videos/ sources explaining why these investments are beneficial!! In no way, shape, or form are we financial advisors but we do want to offer more ways to grow your wealth! Lets make money work for us instead of always working for money!

Thanks, and welcome to the TDC gang!


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