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Mavs vs Celtics Game 1 Picks

dnrsports Published 1 week, 2 days ago

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will pause everyone’s subscription throughout the offseason until the NFL starts up again :)
Then we will get back to crushing!

Daniel Gafford U 15.5 PRA

  • Playoff basketball is a game of matchups and this is a brutal matchup for Gafford on defense
  • Horford and Porzingis are both bigs who want to hang around the 3 point line and drop 3’s
  • Gafford is worse than Lively and Kleber (who is back btw) at defending on the perimeter
  • I expect him to play less minutes in this series than the rest of the playoffs

Jaylen Brown U 24.5 Points

  • Sleeper has this at 24.5 when other sites all have 22.5 so we get a massive steal!
  • Porzingis is back and will take away a good amount of shots from JB
  • Not to mention the Mavs have an insane perimeter defense
  • I expect Kyrie to be on JB and even though he is small, he is a great defender on the perimeter. Just ask Jaden McDaniels and Anthony Edwards how it felt last series

Luka Doncic O 31.5 Points

  • The weakest point on the Celtics defense all regular season was against PG’s
  • Luka dropped 33 and 37 points on them during the regular season
  • Now that he he seems much healthier than early in the playoffs I’m confident he gets to his spots and puts up a big number

Mavs vs Wolves Game 5 Picks

dnrsports Published 2 weeks, 1 day ago

We went 4-1 last game 🚀

PJ Washington O 1.5 3’s
Luka Doncic O 30.5 Points
Karl Anthony Towns U 20.5 Points
Rudy Gobert U 12.5 R+A

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