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Hey fellow gamblers, welcome to the Mr. AsianLocks. In this server, we will be giving out a variety of sports picks which include:
We all suggest unit gambling, which means to bet 1-5 percent of your bankroll per bet. This helps you manage your bankroll and makes it much harder for you to lose your entire bankroll on one single day, like many irresponsible bettors do. We like to say sports gambling is a marathon, not a sprint. As an example, if your unit is $100, you’d do the following:

1U = a $100 bet
.5U = a $50 bet
.25U = a $25 bet

I am not responsible for any wins or losses associated with these plays.

About Me

I am a former college athlete and I give out my best plays for NBA, NCAA, NFL, MLB, and NBA. I like to cap all those sports and will give you the best straight bet, ML, parlay, or prop. I analyze/research every play that is sent out/posted every day. I will not give out any plays i am not confident in. I’m here to give you guys the best experience possible and win everyone money.

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