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1 unit = 0.05% of bankroll
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Last 3 seasons following my system:

2019-20: 755-666-8 52.83% +104.64 units 3.05% ROI
2020-21: 764-601-13 55.44% +176.47 units 4.86% ROI
2021-22: 704-599.23 53.09% +123.57 units 3.85% ROI

All of this is documented in an excel spreadsheet with play breakdowns. Any subscriber can request and I will send my tracker to them personally via email.

About Me

I am a college basketball specialist. I do handicap other sports like NFL, NCAAF and NBA but by far my most profitable sport is NCAAB. I am high volume in NCAAB playing anywhere from 5-20 plays per day. I follow a strict unit based system that has been profitable for over 7+ years.

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