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June 1st - 25th 2022 stats:
⏩ 187 draws
⏩ 75 won
⏩ 112 lost
⏩ Wins 40.11%
⏩ ROI 19.23%
⏩ Avg. Odds 2.98
⏩ +35.96 units

June full results here: https://bit.ly/teko111

About Me

Pro football tipster making money betting on draws in football (soccer). Following a statistical analysis system that generates draw selections based on different variables. Avg. odds are around 3.00 for one draw.

Plays are tracked on a transparent public spreadsheet here: https://bit.ly/teko111

I recommend a flat betting system which Is 1 unit for every bet. I only do single bets, no doubles or trebles, just straight singles.

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