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Plays are posted in channels with the 🔒 emoji and I will @ everyone for notification. The 🔒 emoji just means only I can post in that channel. The chats are free for anyone to talk.

There is no exact time or day when I post plays. Plays are posted randomly throughout the week as props/lineups drop.

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For those having trouble connecting their dubclub and discord: Make sure when you log into dub club you click the 2 lines at the top right.
From there… scroll to communities and connect your discord and dub club. If that doesn’t work, try the basic stuff like clearing the app or logging out and logging back in. If still no luck, reach out to DubClub for assistance.

Send any/all support questions to @ dubclub_win on Twitter or email

You may also DM @PPD Deano or @chilly Rufo for any questions

Brandon Williamson (Cin) O4.5 K’s -120

ChillyBets Published 10 months, 1 week ago

Brandon Williamson (Cin) O4.5 K’s -120

Over in 6 straight and 7 of his last 8.

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About me

Originators of the $10 to win $1000… we were winning stimulus checks “stimmys” for thousands of people during Covid lockdown. FanDuel changed their terms and conditions and banned accounts because of our plays but we’re back for good!

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FanDuel Net PL of + $150,000 on low units from 2020-2021
Average 94 units per NFL season
Average 130 units per NBA season
Average 80 units per MLB season

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