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Welcome to the 📚club! Please read below

DevinsBookie Published 1 year ago

All plays are ONLY in DISCORD. When you join please read the #introduction and #notifications channels. Read below for more info before you get started!

We appreciate you joining the DB community! Just a few things we want you to know:

  1. Our goal is to make you money and we will do that, but it won’t happen over night. A long term mindset is key to success in our Discord. Over the last 2 years we’ve made over 300U, all fully tracked, with our average play being around 1U. We pride ourselves on our long term focus & performance in a space where people assume you can be become a millionaire overnight.

  2. Our discord is designed to be sport specific. The units on each play are scaled so you can tail all of them. We are profitable in every sport but if you don’t tail them all, you can bet the plays for more than the listed units (would advise no more than 2X).

  3. 1U = 1% of your bankroll. If a play has - odds then you bet to WIN the listed units. If a play has + odds then you RISK the listed units. The exception to this is UFC where everything is to RISK unless noted otherwise.

  4. Our focus is primarily straight bets but we do have a Lottos channel to indulge our inner degens. The lottos are also tracked.

  5. All our plays are ONLY given out in discord. It is the best platform for us currently to provide plays from multiple different people and allow us to have a community aspect. You don’t have to chat if you don’t want to. We know discord can be overwhelming at times so we recommend you read the #introduction & #notifications channels as soon as you join.

If you haven’t connected your Discord to your DubClub account go to >>My Account >> Communities. Click Add User, connect your discord account and then click Visit Channel at the bottom next to DevinsBookie.

If you have any issues getting connected you can DM @DBookVIPSUPPORT on Twitter or @DevinsBookie on Instagram. If you’re in the discord you can make a support ticket in #support and tag @hangul.

Discord Update

DevinsBookie Published 1 year, 4 months ago


We’re working to set up our texting capabilities and had to make some changes to our discord connection. Apologies for the issue! If anyone is still having troubles in accessing the VIP section of the discord please create a ticket in #support and tag @hangul.


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About me

The 📚 club covers almost every sport you can think ranging from MMA to NFL to Faroe Islands Soccer. We focus on long term profits, bankroll management and always trying to beat the books.

Note: We at DevinsBookie have not yet activated text, Telegram, and email. When you get access to our DubClub, you get Discord notifications only for now. Please DM us with questions!

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My performance

Since May of 2021 when we started, we are +288.93U w/ a 5.8% ROI

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