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Sending my plays to more than 3.7K subs
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Plays from 3 units daily. Ocasional 5 unit. Please bet all plays when i send them out! I will try to get the best line for everyone and the earlier to save us from betting the extra juice at the end. All soccer, from all leagues in the world.









What to expect

Plays per day 2 - 4
Written analysis Moderate
Bankroll management 1 unit = 1.00% of bankroll
Specialties Top Plays

About me

Lifetime fan of the sport, 5+ Years of sending out plays on twitter. @Fredofrr on Twitter. Usually rooting for goals.

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All plays are 3 units at least. Make sure you can play up to seven 3 unit plays a week.

I will try to get the best and earliest line possible so usually at least a day before each game.

I usually will get my lines from Bovada. I will try to get lines from Fanduel and Draftkings but most likely they are from Bovada.

No. Twitter plays I send for free are usually 1 unit or 2 units. They are plays i do like but just not strong enough to send them here to my VIP. Some people only follow the VIP plays and some follow both.

I will aim for totals for full game. I do like betting player props too. Team totals and expect a lot of "both teams to score"

My performance

Come back soon for my updated performance stats!

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