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2022 YTD: 59% win percentage & 9% ROI.

Realistic gains, and better returns than the average year for the S&P500. We focus on consistent 1u-2u high % plays. Not max bets, not whale bets, not bet of the year type of nonsense. Consistent gains month over month. Our wagering style is defensive, usually between 1 to 5 plays daily, minimizing bankroll exposure. Due to this, we won’t have months where we’re up 500 units, but we will never have months where we’re down 500 units. We WILL churn forward week by week, month by month, and year over year.

Please DM me on Twitter after your enrollment in my DubClub service. So I can make sure you’ve received any futures, and account for your Twitter handle.

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All of our premium plays are free now through September 10th 2022. If you have stumbled onto this page without the link/promo to receive our service free until September 10th, please DM me on Twitter to receive the proper link/code to redeem. Sign up before Basketball, Football, and Hockey are running at maximum capacity where our value is proven at its absolute highest. Our premium picks are only available through our Dub Club subscription. PLEASE follow the same unit management and deployment I use. My unit is 1% of my BR. I bet to win; meaning, if I say 1 unit on a bet that’s -110 odds, that means I bet to win 1 full unit. Discipline is the most important thing to practice if you want to consistently profit.

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