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- Next Level Research for EVERY sport that you cannot get anywhere else. This is including NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, Soccer AND MORE

- Get Access to my Cheat Sheets WAY before Twitter sees it + Exclusive Cheat Sheets and Data Sheets ONLY for the Cord.

-Bets for any type of Gambler. We will have MULTIPLE solo bets, lottos, AND DFS plays daily AS WELL AS some fun community challenges with the Community Lay of the Day and 10k Challenge!

- Fully research plays with IN DEPTH writeups for every single bet. Whether it is Solo, DFS, Lotto etc expect a good reasoning / graph etc.

- I pride myself on Community Building, I want this to be a free space to talk about anything you would like. A safe space to talk sports, make friends and also win money. There is no such thing as dumb questions, I want everyone to be able to chat without toxicity.









What to expect

Plays per day 5 - 9
Written analysis Moderate
Specialties DFS, Longshots, Projection Models

Recent plays

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Rest of HR 2 Mans Here

TopCheddarPicks Published 1 week ago

Combo the 4 as well!


Top 3 NRFI Model

TopCheddarPicks Published 1 week ago

Model is now 12-2


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About me

Multi Sport Capper specializing in LOTTOs and Parlays and DFS Plays. We will have links and writeups for the plays as too why I am playing what I am.

We will have ALOT of data / research tools in our “LAB” section which will be a HUGE help for betting any sport.

Lets have some fun, bet some lotto’s (responsibly) and make some $$$

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Majority of the content will be hosted on Discord! I will be also sending plays out via DubClub Plays App and Telegram but its difficult to get live bets out on those + lab / data sheets. Once Subscribed, to join the DubClub please head to My Account - Connected Accounts - Connect your DubClub to Discord and then hit Join Discord on my page!

My performance

Will Update Records Since Dubclub shortly!

Primarily a Lotto Capper, I have hit ALOT of large lotto tickets. I specialize in large lottos but do mix in some safer plays! Ex Beat The Books Capper where we had plays independently tracked for validity! I was the 2nd best contributor with a +385u record from Oct 2022 - June 2024.

These are my all time stats ranging 3 years of Capping:

-NHL All Time = +515.33u
-Soccer / Footy All Time = +121.03u (Least Volume of Any Sport)
-MLB All Time = +67.44u (Last SZN was my 1st Capping MLB)
-F1 Betting = +22.6u

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