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Sending my plays to more than 7.1K subs
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Plays per day 10+
Written analysis Extensive
Bankroll management 1 unit = 1.00% of bankroll
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FurnacePicks Published 1 month ago

Read directions and check #index channel in discord to get accustomed to the discord.. Use www.FurnacePicks.com for trends, graphs, EV site, and more. Good Luck! Use promo code FURNACE if you want a free month on sleeper, chalkboard, underdog, Betr! Getting accustomed takes a few days because we offer a lot of Tools! Be patient and take Advantage of everything. Bankroll management is key, 10% max in one day! I promise live and die off this. Most gamblers will do amazing and have one day will they donate half of it back with no principles. Good habits lead to Ws.


Everything in discord

FurnacePicks Published 3 months ago

Everything is in discord, connect in settings and read directions in discord. 🫡

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About me

Long time twitter capper @Furnacepicks
- 40K+ On Twitter. https://twitter.com/Furnacepicks
- 15.65% All-Time Profit Tracked On Pikkit
- Personal Website with Models - www.FurnacePicks.com
- Full Prizepicks Models and Projections, Best Value, Hit Rates Etc.
- Full Fanduel Alt Line Model
- Full Fliff Model
- Over 15 Cappers in Exclusive Discord
- $1 a day for High End Tools and Models
- Very hands on in discord, streams, tutorials etc
- EV / Sharp Line Models for PrizePicks + Fanduel + Draftkings

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My performance

  • 15.65% All-Time Profit Tracked On Pikkit
  • 12.23% This Month Tracked on Pikkit
  • Multiple days over 10K net winnings
  • Swept 30x slips posted on twitter several times.
  • Other Cappers and a great Discord community with over 2,000 members.

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