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Plays per day 2 - 4
Written analysis Limited
Bankroll management 1 unit = 1.00% of bankroll
Specialties Spread, Totals, Moneyline

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Super Bowl Future

PeterAppel Published 1 week ago

49ers (+430) Risk 1 U on FanDuel

My number one ranked team. I really think they are the best team in the NFL by 2 points, but they aren’t priced like it. After they beat the eagles, this will plummet

NFL Player Prop Part 2

PeterAppel Published 1 week ago

Bijan Robinson Over 57.5 Rushing Yards (-115) Risk 1.15 U on DraftKings

+EV up to 60.5. His rush share is finally climbing and the Jets are actually a great matchup for him. Jets rank 28th against RB’s in terms of yards. He’s also -115 for 60+ yards on DraftKings. Broken line. -150 on pinnacle.

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About me

I enjoy analyzing the game from a betting perspective as much as the thrill of betting on it.

I bet on what I know, and I don’t overextend myself. Those specialties are MLB, NFL, and College Baseball. MLB Tik Tok (108K+ Followers) NFL Tik Tok (58k+ Followers) Twitter (25K+ Followers)

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My performance

2021 MLB: +15.67 Units
2021 NFL: +13.4 Units
2022 MLB: +44.05 Units
2022 NFL: +26.96 Units
2023. NCAA Baseball: +2.01 U (0.5U Plays)
2023 MLB: -8.46 U
2023 NFL: +18.17 U

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