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Sending my plays to more than 9.5K subs
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Plays per day 10+
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Bankroll management 1 unit = 1.00% of bankroll
Specialties Player Props, PrizePicks, +EV Value Plays

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PropGeekZeke Published 3 weeks ago

Yo! We have been going nuclear all April and 2024 honestly, the support has been INSANE. Thank you!

Link Your DubClub and Discord Today FREE to get our Plays

I have included a step-by-step process in the link below.

Plays will be dropping very soon!

How To Link

also you can refer a friend with the link below, and get them 20% and 7 days added onto your sub for FREE


PropGeekZeke Published 3 weeks, 1 day ago


This month ALONE, $100 bettor is up $25,184.00 with my bets!!

The support has been very much appreciated, but we are far from done! 1 more months of NBA, 6 more months of baseball, and we are right back into football!

I wanted to celebrate the big day by giving back to you all with some longer duration discounts. As I hope you have seen by now, I always try to be a man of the people! If you are a shorter duration subscriber looking to lower your price per month, now is a great chance to do it!

Just click the link below to upgrade your subscription and you will have all the days from your current subscription added to your new one!

❌ $40/Month ❌

✅ $90/3-Months ($30/Month) ✅ –>

✅ $150/6-Months ($25/Month) ✅ –>

✅ $250/1 Year ($20/Month) ✅ –>

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Subscribe to become a profitable bettor. Prop Specialist on PrizePicks and Underdog, FD, DK, HardRock, and more. Excelling in +EV Player Props, with a proven track record of over 3 years.

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All our plays are posted in the discord! In order to get the most use from your subscription, we utilize discord to have all our owners post plays and the EV minion. You can link your DubClub and Discord here ->

While we do not guarantee a certain number, we do guarantee profit! We have been posting plays for 30 months and have 2 red months on file! This DubClub is an investment, not a cost!

My performance

PropGeekZeke and his subs are considered the most profitable community on DubClub, and with these number’s it’s hard to disagree. PropGeekZeke’s DubClub has been widely considered an “investment”, not a “cost”.

Here are his numbers:



27.65% ROI



+32.67% ROI

2024 as of 4/1/24


29.65% ROI

all numbers assume $100 bettor

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