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Discord Update

DevinsBookie Published 3 months ago


We’re working to set up our texting capabilities and had to make some changes to our discord connection. Apologies for the issue! If anyone is still having troubles in accessing the VIP section of the discord please create a ticket in #support and tag @hangul.


Token of our Appreciation!

DevinsBookie Published 3 months ago

We are extending your book club subscription by 3 days due to our lackluster performance in February. We want you to stick with us for the long haul and see how this is a long term venture that should be treated as an investment.

Despite losing just over 2U in February, we are still up 10U in 2023 thanks to a great January. Of course, you may or may not have been here then, but it just goes to show that patience & a long term outlook are key.

March should be a really fun month for us. On top of all of our normal sports/action, we have the March Madness tournament & a stacked lineup of UFC cards which has been our best sport so far this year with 13 straight winning events! Trust us, you won’t want to miss it.

This extension is a token of our gratitude for you as a valued customer, you will receive a notification email from DubClub later today letting you know that your subscription has been extended. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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About me

The 📚 club covers almost every sport you can think ranging from MMA to NFL to Faroe Islands Soccer. We focus on long term profits, bankroll management and always trying to beat the books.

Note: We at DevinsBookie have not yet activated text, Telegram, and email. When you get access to our DubClub, you get Discord notifications only for now. Please DM us with questions!

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My performance

Since May of 2021 when we started, we are +288.93U w/ a 5.8% ROI

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